An island girl exploring

Beach Ho Emerges

I wonder at the place where the ocean meets land. The pounding of the surf never stops. It is always. Sometimes it sounds violently thunderous, especially in the night when the moon is full. And it’s continually gentle enough to welcome the baby turtles into their real world after the eggs hatch in the warm sand. It seems easy to confuse power with violence, especially when it’s so loud. A possible metaphor for the power I feel emerging in my 60s. I recognize the responsibility that comes with it — to speak kindly, to be of service, to smile knowingly at ego (“Edging God Out”), to stay connected, to take the high road, to empower empathy and understanding. A tall order, power is. I’m sure the sea understands this and will help me to know.

Today is the first day of Aquarius 2012, that dawned in my girlhood (was it 1968?). Thanks to the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical (and Galt MacDermott) for clueing us. Will 2012 call for grounded, gentle power? Let us prepare.


Comments on: "Beach Ho Emerges" (2)

  1. I’m new to this, but imagine it’s poor form to comment on your own darn post. Couldn’t help but disclose that I have totally ripped off Spiderman (above): “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Turns out all my sources aren’t esoteric. Thanks for coming.

  2. We finally have power! How interesting this was your most recent blog. I was going to comment on the first installment but then read this one. Of course, I saw some of your description during our Skype call but it just sounds so much better after three days without electricity. We had the gas stove and fireplace but no lights and lost much of our freezer/frig items. My comment on ‘lack of power’-that was our dilemma. Learning to seek and find power from an infinite source is my life’s goal and so it is!

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