An island girl exploring

Where’s Pammy?

Spending two months this winter (a lifelong dream) in a tiny pueblo in the Mexican state of Guerrero, about an hour north of Zihuatenejo/Ixtapa (it’s not even named on GoogleMaps). Thanks to a Vashon friend, I discovered it last year in my search for a surfer’s paradise, as Sayulita had gotten too large and gringoed-out for me over the 16 years I had loved it. Last year, Klara joined me for two weeks in a little “motel” (four units) on the beach(, which turned out to be owned by an old hippie mama from Colville that knew her when she was little, living in Kettle Falls with Ocean (tiny globe). Those of you on daBook saw my photos from last year  and can understand why I’m back.

This year, staying across the street from the oceanside and can see and hear the waves from the outdoor kitchen on my front porch. My hostess, Estela, speaks excellent English (and gives killer pedi) and hosts amazing women, most of whom teach at the yoga center (also across the dusty road) – Estela lives in a lovely house here and rents out five sweet little studio apartments (by the month). I’ve been here since the first day of 2012, in a continual effort to escape (and Vitamin D level) from the cold dark months of my beloved Vashon. Here are a few pics of the exterior.

Kent lives upstairs; we met last year (both Guerrero virgines). He has a B&B on the Baja, where it’s too cold in the wintertime (I couldn’t agree more — 60s in January? Come on!). He kindly helps me run errands in “town” – about a five-block walk from here – when I’m not up to the hike (I make him lunch in exchange).

This is the outdoor kitchen — I’m really camping, but with a bed and shower (cool, huh?). Actually, this is the front porch of the kitchen in the first unit we stayed in for three days. When Geoff and I arrived, my place wasn’t quite ready yet (the occupant had stepped on a spiny fish in the ocean and had to stay longer to heal). Estela gave me just enough for rudimentary food prep, and I supplemented it at the big store in Zihua. Everything I need is here.

Thanks for joining me on my winter adventure!


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