An island girl exploring

Well, I am on vacation (or am I living here now, can’t really tell).

I am learning maximum flexibility, which is really important since I’m in spontaneity kindergarten. Most “plans” don’t happen, which is perfect. I discover something more pressing, or something came up with them, or we both forgot. Sometimes I’ll be walking across the street and run into someone who says, “I was just heading over to restorative yoga,” and off I go. No matter. It reminds me of the student who asked Krishnamurti the secret to happiness, and he answers, “I don’t mind what happens.” La la la. Good for me to study how to just be.

I prepare food. Sometimes making a fruit salad can take up to two hours (starts out as breakfast and later segues into a smoothie).  Sauteeing chicken or making potato salad is done so slowly as to seem to take forever. iTunes accompanies me in the background. Here, I got nuthin’ but time, and it’s heavenly. Then I clean up. Sigh.

Estela spontaneously brought me a plate of her delicioso mole verde, for no reason whatsoever, followed by a deep conversation of 12-step work in Mexico. When Kent joined us (after another full day of surfing), we swiched to espanol and talked for a full hour (still loads of words I do not know, but am learning). New people arrive (then leave) each week, either on vacation or attending a retreat at Present Moment. There is the stable core of wintering gringas.

Sometimes it’s Kirtan; this morning was the hotsprings. Since I’m working on not doing anything (or planning my next activity), sometimes I just float in the pool across the street. I’m working on my new fave color, Tanner Than Necessary (sorry, Dr. Arntzen), aimlessly. It’s a practice.

So, I visit with friends, yoga and qi gong, plenty of 12-step work, and go to meetings. What?!! Well, we call them sacred circles, but still (if it crawls like a cucaracha…). This morning’s was to plan how we can help a neighbor who’s having health problems. It’s community, I tell ya. The people, they must gather.

I actually finished a book I started here last year (Shantaram: A Novel); now I’m reading Tina Fey’s autobiography. Barely keep up with my Hestia work. Try (mostly in vain) to use Skype. Sometimes I listen to podcasts on my computer and assemble online jigsaw puzzles, just like at home when it’s horizontal time. Have a few movies to watch. I chide myself for not having painted yet.

Maybe manana.


Comments on: "Yeah, but what do you DO all day?" (1)

  1. Colleen Carette said:

    I love manana…if I spelled that correctly. Yes, I was at the “Spell It 2012” with your darling Klara looking so cute in her “Pharm” outfit. Susan was on the Sparky’s Spunky Spellers, aka Windermere. We all had a ball, only missing your presence!

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