An island girl exploring

Ancient Messages Sink In

Lately, I notice a seemingly endless emerging of new messengers — new healing modalities, new programs of study, new inspirational music (some of it thousands of years old). Or am I just opening? Nearly six weeks in (and three to go), I’m sinking deeper into what seems to be my authentic purpose and noticing so much more.

My latest path is meeting people who share a new technique, and Miss Know-it-All gets to say, “Wow, what is that? I’ve never heard of it.” — what an eye-opening privilege. It took me to this wizened age to realize the vast stores of lack-of-knowlege within me. Cool.

Kirtan, for example. My first experience was here, oddly the very same week it happened to be offered on Vashon at the Zen Center. The leader described the call-and-response Sanskrit chanting as vibrational yoga, to heal all on this planet. Very trancey. The singing seems to shut off the thinking part of my brain, allowing deeper meditation. I’ll attend my third gathering tomorrow night. Who knew this has been going on for millenia? Oh, you did?  (When the student is ready, the teacher appears.)

And Qi Gong — been wanting to learn it for years, and now here it is; Present Moment offers continual opportunities. Last night, Brazilian drumming, the night before, Contemplative Dance Practice. Yoga, yoga, yoga. Massage class. Meditation. I’m pretty om-ed up by now.

TED is also a neverending source of information and inspiration. “Words are really flimsy messengers for the fullness of experience” — Will Hewett ( “Time bows to authentic commitment and it stretches to accommodate it.” Indeed, time here is elastic. Just enough time — what matters is setting the intention for the day; all else falls into place.

I’m reading about restoring the divine feminine Kundalini energy to the planet and learning more about the Mayan messages, and how we can help them bring balance to the earth at this time. Oh, yes — Troncones is plenty woo woo. Meeting just the right women. Some of them are taking me inland next week to explore the 15th Century cathedrals in a colonial town, the local craftspeople’s offerings around the lake, and whatever indigenous amazement we can unearth. Do stay tuned.


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