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Roberto’s Dancers

Most Saturday nights at Roberto’s Bistro up the beach, you can attend a delightful and energetic performance of the traditional dances of several Mexican states (there are 31, plus DF), which is very worthy. I cannot fathom the calories these talented dancers use up each evening. This first one is from the state of VeraCruz:


Sonora’s offering is a hunting scenario. What’s unusual about it is that, at the end, both deer and hunter die:

The famous Old Man Dance is from Michoacan:

Baja is actually two states (north and south); a little more contemporary:

And last, but not least, from Jalisco, the traditional Mexican Hat Dance (yes, you know the tune — hum along):

Then, when their show is over, they line-dance (in costume), to Achy-Breaky Heart in Spanish (I could not make this up). After that, the disco starts, which is really big fun, complete with light show. The young town girls get all dressed up and show off some serious moves! There’s a DJ that puts out some mad beats (yo) — Madonna, MJ, the whole disco dealio. Ok, I did get up and shake my ample booty to “Celebrate”, if you must know (Kool, not Madge).


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