An island girl exploring

One Chapter Closes

Here’s the thing. I have fallen in love with this pueblo and will be leaving my heart here, tears falling, when I leave tomorrow. The gatherings have been sweet; we will remember each other just as we are. It’s a magic fairy land, like the sweetest dream filled with soft air, bright flowers, happy friends and always the waves. I will return.

I’m in love with the Mexicans. Every morning, every dirt floor is swept perfectly clean. The children go to school in starched, blinding white uniforms, with big, glowing smiles. There’s a sparkling clean free clinic here, dentist included. Everyone’s healthy. There’s a whole entire building for AA and another one for Al-Anon; they wear t-shirts proclaiming their sobriety. (I guess the second A stands for advertising.) Extended families everywhere; everyone’s welcome and at home at anyone’s house. Cousins have grown up together and they stay here, blending the next generation. There is not one storage unit; no extra stuff. Happiness.

The village is adorable. It is totally safe in this whole entire town to leave your doors unlocked, your valuables in plain sight, your stuff out on the road — it will be there in the morning. Once a year, the “expo” comes to town, with parades, dances, rides, rodeos, cockfights, the crowning of the 14-year-old queen(s). The deal is, no one comes out ’til after sunset (too hot); the kids are playing ’til all hours. Dads sit beside their eight-year-old son driving the truck. Four people on a motorbike; truckloads of workers. Some people happily walk for ten miles to get to the highway and catch the morning bus; never late for work. And back again. La la la.

I’ve made lifelong friends this winter. Many Coloradans here this year – G and I may have to take a road trip this summer to visit. Fun, huh?

Here’s the wrapup. Hotsprings – check. Historic villages – check. Shells collected – check. Not one sunburn. Sponsee still clean and sober, new coaching client back on track. Chipped tooth fixed. Finally had to get “the commisario” (read: sheriff) to get my 15oo pesos from Chico for the rental car fender bender (Jorge’s recommendation; said he needed an authority figure to pony up the cash). Ramiro fixed me right up; got the cash the day after I talked to him. To avoid making me walk all the way into the centro to pick it up, taxi queen Reina (love this woman) brought it to my house. I am held. Cared for.

Sos here’s the other thing. I know this is  exactly the right time for me to return to my island home, which is beautiful and filled with love. My perfect next step is to get on that plane tomorrow and fly home to my beloveds. The next chapter begins, what a wonderful adventure. I so love my life. Soon the gentle sunrises and my constant companions the waves will fade like a dream. It’s my ideal life to spend winters in Mexico and the rest on Vashon Island. My dream is coming true. I could not be more grateful.


Comments on: "One Chapter Closes" (2)

  1. Chills. So glad that we are in your Vashon life. But (ahem) t’would be great to be apart of your Mexican one as well 🙂 One of these days…

  2. Ahhhhh….it feels great to vicariously experience the beauty peace and especially the love. Thank u for that and so many other gifts from the heart

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